Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baby for Sale movie (true story)

The movie Baby Broker came to Lifetime Television in 2004. It was considered an original Lifetime movie. Dana Delaney did not get a chance to speak with the real Lauren Schneider. She felt that speaking with her would be too distracting while trying to portray her. She also felt that knowing too many facts of the real story that are not included in the movie makes it frustrating for the actress or actor. The movie was really difficult for Delaney because she felt so much sympathy for the real couple in the case.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adoption Scam Baby for Sale to Highest Bidder

The movie Baby for Sale was inspired by the case of Bill and Lauren Schneider of Stillwater, Minnesota. The real story took place in 1999 when the Schneiders were trying to adopt a baby from New York. They later found out that this baby was being sold to the highest bidder. The police were alerted, and the Schneiders participated in a sting operation to help the FBI nab the baby brokers. Due to this landmark case, putting up a baby for sale is now a felony crime. This case happened in the state of New York. In the end they were able to adopt the Hungarian baby that there were trying to adopt.